Metatarsal, Metashmarsal

badfootDamn foot.  Damn, stupid foot.  Yesterday I ran for the first time since Ghost Train and I thought, besides the cobwebs needing to be kicked out, it went really well.  That was until later in the night when I got up from the couch and felt an incredible pain in the bottom of my left foot.  Right on the outside there.  Right where the internet tells me is my Metatarsal.  Right where the internet tells me is a common location for an overuse injury.  Balls.

I first told myself that I was going to take the next few weeks off from running, but the weather is perfect and it’s hard not to get out there and enjoy the last parts of fall before the winter interrupts and kicks in the scrotum.  Now I’m feeling that I’m going to be forced to take this time off.  Cutting out the running and hitting the gym.  Burning the last good weather of the year inside, barf.

Could be worse, could be INJURED injured.  Guess I’ll just get swoll and test it out in a few weeks.  Time to dig out those padded bike shorts and headphones, best to make something positive out of this break.  I could definitely use the weight and core training.

Tempo Run

I’m trying not to get to down on myself for today’s run.  I’ve noticed a trend in my tempo runs that follow a hard run 5k, It’s that they’re not all that impressive.  I’m finally ok with that.  In the middle of the tempo I was moving pretty good, but the rest of it was for shit.  I know, I really know it sounds like an excuse, but my back is absolutely killing me.  I spent half the day at work today thinking I was going to puke.  I would be way more worried if the pain started when I started running, but this shit has been with me for years.  I, like every other human, have a real fucker of a pain in my lower back.  From what I understand, I have three options.

  1. Pain Killers – I love these little guys, but they no help fix my back
  2. Big Ol’ Needle Shot – Same as above, but lasts longer
  3. Surgery – This is really the only permanent solution to the problem.

I’m having a bitch of a time convincing myself that back surgery is the best solution.  I have no idea how long that takes me out of running.  How long until I get to where I am now.  How long the rehab is.  I’ve gone through rehabs before and it may sound like an easy road to health, let me assure you, it is embarrassing, redundant and totally a kick to the dick.  It blows and most of the time, you’re not with that hot trainer you saw coming into the clinic, it’s with a team of diabetics who can’t put the Pepsi down long enough to show up on time to do walking tests on a treadmill.  It sucks.

So yeah, that’s on my mind.  I’m still running hard and looking forward to a day’s rest tomorrow and a long run on Saturday.  I’m going to take an old railroad trail into the next town and hopefully have a blast doing so.  Until then, a bunny I saw on my run today.

Strava | Tempo Run