First 20 of the Year

45mphSunday I knocked out my first 20 miler of the year.  It was an absolutely stunning February day and I was able to hit the rail trail for a majority of the run.  I’m pretty enthusiastic about the day and that I got in a 20 miler this early into this training cycle.  My right foot, which has given me the majority of pain since Ghost Train, feels pretty good and the knees were a little pinged later in the day, but mostly I feel my body has recovered nicely and ready for another week of training.

Yesterday I went to the gym for a 20 mile recovery ride on the stationary bike.  I’m actually not really sure how accurate the distance on those bikes are and if I’m going to hard or not hard enough on the tension.  I would love to build a trainer system with one of those fancy-ass computer programs that I see popping up on Strava here and there, but I’m scraping by with 2 pairs of aging shoes right now and don’t have nearly enough scratch to throw at a franken-trainer.

Probably the biggest news of the week is that I am officially quitting drinking until after the Spring Classic.  I’m struggling to drop the weight, and high-octane craft beers don’t exactly add to the strategic caloric plan I want to embrace.  I’m also going to try and do some sort of workout every day.  I’m even considering one of those daily, home workout subscriptions I keep seeing on Hulu.

I know April isn’t the goal month for the year and there are plenty of months left in the year and plenty of races, but I want a strong summer of training and feel like I’m behind already, although the 40 miles I put in this week makes me feel a little better.  Ghost Train registration just went live and I also want to do Pisgah again.  It’s a long season and I need to remind myself that I have plenty of time to run plenty of trails.

Shredding the Tread

I’ve been a total baby about being outside lately.  Sometimes I’m just so pathetic about it.  My friends are calling me a baby, but honestly, if I wasn’t hitting the gym, I wouldn’t be doing anything.  I stopped running on treadmills for any distance over 4-5 miles because I’d get these blisters on the bottom of my toes.  2Toms to the rescue.  I’ve been using 2Toms as my lube of choice for a while now and figured I’d give it a try on the tootsies.  This has made a world of difference during the crappy New England winters.  We’ve had a very mild winter, but February is my El Guapo and I’d take a treadmill run over sitting on my ass any day.  I’ve also added stationary biking to my workout.  On longer running days like today, I’ll run for 4 miles, add in 10 miles on the bike and then hit 4 more on the mill.  On shorter days, like yesterday, I ran my 4 miles and then finished off with 10 on the bike.  My 10 miles on a stationary bike takes about a half hour and adding that extra cardio is helping in my longer, outdoor, weekend runs.

As for the blog, I’ve decided to close down and just use this place as my catch all blog.  Starting next week, I’m going to start some new fitness tactics and really try to record them daily.  March tends to go one of two ways.  Shitty, late snow and cold or beautiful early spring.  I’ve been burned too many times thinking positively about the weather, so I plan mentally that it’s going to blow.  That’s why I’m going to make some changes and hit this blog again.

Monday 8-18-14

Cross-Training Bike Ride

Well, I did get the old bike out and took some dust off the beast.  Yup, I only had 2 gears, up around the top, and yup it sucked climbing.  It also sucked wearing my old Diadora mountain biking shoes.  My feet were so sore after my ride, I thought that I might have injured them.  I just got home from work, where I was on my feet all day in my Vibrams and they feel fine, so I guess I’m just not used to them.

The Ride was fun and to be honest, a little scary.  I used to ride all the time.  Year round.  It was my only form of transportation for about a year and I even commuted in the winter, in the snow a couple of miles each day and it was great!  Unfortunately, the bike has sat in our basement for nearly ten years, collecting filth and getting buried in boxes.  We were having lunch yesterday and I started thinking about what I was going to do for my Monday cross-training workout and it just smacked me in the junk, you fool, get out your damn bike!  So I did.  My sweet, darling Trek 6500 from around 2000 I think.  I had to rely on my hand pump to get the tires to a decent level, I’ve long since tossed my good air pump.  I looked it over, the brakes were great, the gears were not, but all in all it was definitely ride-able.

I haven’t ridden in so long that I was a little nervous on the street.  I wasn’t sure of the bike, especially the chain, so that was in the back of my head too.  Like a mentioned before, I had the two gears, one of which popped out when I would stand to climb.  I’m really not that bitchy about the whole thing though.  I’m stoked to get some more miles under my belt.  I really do need to tune this puppy way up, that will happen before the fall, the best time to ride around here.  Not sure what happened with my 620 recording the ride, but here are my kinda-splits.

Avg Speed
Summary 31:19.0 6.61 12.7
1 23:13.0 5.00 12.9
2 8:05.9 1.61 11.9