Getting… Better?

It’s no secret I’ve been absolutely miserable over the past month.  It should also not come as a surprise that EVERYONE in New England has been been pretty-fucking-bitchy over the last month also.  This has made for a shitty all around experience for pretty much everybody.  Well, that’s maybe starting to kinda-sorta change.  The last few days have been amazing and I even got to run in shorts a couple of times and that made for a very happy dude.  On Tuesday I went out mid-day and actually busted my personal best times for the mile and 2 mile and nearly my best 5k time.  It feels like we’re finally climbing out of winter, even though this morning’s run was through much colder and windier conditions.  I can deal with the cold, I really don’t have a problem until it get’s down in the 0 to -20 range, it’s the sloppy conditions of the trails and roads that really bug me.  Most of the roads and sidewalks are clear with only some ice left over, but the as soon as the sun comes out, the trails are oozy, sleazy, slushy, slippery pieces of poo.  I signed up for a group fun run this Saturday which was originally scheduled for a 10 mile out and back on the exact trail I was on during Sunday’s 18 mile slog-fest.  The runner planning the run changed it to 6 miles and is starting it an hour earlier to try and get it done before things start to melt and turn to shit.  I hit most of the trail this morning and at around the same time as Saturday’s run and there were parts that were definitely messy, but all around it shouldn’t be too bad.

Things are starting to look up.  March crept in and nudged that runt-bastard of a month, February back to whence it came, hopefully not to be heard from again until next year.  I ended yesterday’s run at my daughter’s dance school and my wife snapped a couple of shots of us enjoying the soon-to-be spring!

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