Altra Lone Peak 2.0

Just a quick post about my first run in my new Altra Lone Peak 2.0.  After running in the One² for a week and having them blister the piss out of my toes, I sent them back and ordered up a fresh pair of trail shoes.  I’m really sick of being a kept man, stuck on a treadmill.  I was a little worried about taking a brand new pair of kicks on a 14 mile run, but my worries were quickly squashed.  A mile into my run, my feet felt great, the traction was fantastic and I was able to settle into my first long run in a while.  Hopefully I’ll feel the same after tomorrow’s 7 mile pace run.  I’m still working through some ideas for the second part of my winter running monologue, but until then here are some pics of the new kicks.

One thought on “Altra Lone Peak 2.0

  1. Nice paws! The bottoms remind me of my Saucony and Merrill trail runners of years ago… in the 80-90’s! You will surely appreciate the extra grab on the trails. Even in the snow! Also, love the extra protection on the toe box. Bumped my toes many a time on rocks and tree roots. Like the “roll bar”, too. Love the look! Do they have a water resistant coating of some kind? They look like they do. Have a great time. Also, happy to see you looping the top of the laces that will help your ankles and keep the shoes a little tighter when you are running like a deer in our beautiful New Hampshire woods! Looks like a perfect shoe!

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