5K Punch

The Run

This morning, I was trying like hell to wake up after another late night, this time sober and watching my Buckeyes beat Alabama, I thought hell, I can just take today off.  It’s only 3 miles and in the big scheme of things taking time off will help me stay healthy…  AHA!  but I realized that this was just my brain trying to trick me.  Stupid brain again, gotcha this time brain.  The temp is back up over 30° and was a nice morning, so I laced them up and went.  I was trying to keep a pretty brisk pace, but really didn’t think I would be able to keep it under 8s for the entire run.  There are a few bigger hills, two of which are smack dab in the last .75 mile of the run, so I wasn’t thinking personal best, just quicker than I’ve been.  I was able to keep a 7:53 pace overall, finishing the run in 24:37.  My last mile did fall off a bit at 8:07, but overall I felt good and wasn’t sucking too much air.

This run came exactly when I needed it.  I was thinking the other day about the training I did for my first 5K and all the speed work and intervals that were part of that plan and how very “unspeedy” I’ve felt during the time I’ve been growing my distances.  Today was nice in reminding me that I can still put the foot down on my gas.

The Shoes

I’ve logged about 260 miles so far in my pair of Altra Instinct 2 and am starting to see some wear.  I never really liked the bulk of the shoe and the toe and heal are the biggest of that bulk.  The toes has this giant rubber front that I don’t understand and where that piece attached to the side of the shoe is where the shoes are starting to fail.  Besides that, there is only a little wear on the outsole, which I would expect.

I’m going to start bargain shopping for some Altra One², the shoe I originally wanted to buy.  I do like these shoes, I’m not really complaining, but I would like to go back to a shoe that doesn’t have as much…  everything.

Tomorrow I’m planning a 5 mile pace run with 6 slower miles to follow on Sunday.  I haven’t been wearing the brace this week and so far haven’t encountered any problems with the knee.  Unless I wake up tomorrow with some pain or oddness, I’ll likely wait until next week’s 11 miler to strap it on again.

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