39 Miles on My 39th Birthday

Well, this old man turned 39 on Wednesday and I decided to attempt dumping out my age over the course of the day.  When I first thought up this little plan, I also wanted to do different runs with different people that I’ve run with over the past year.  That worked out ok.  My sister and friend Chris were able to make it and my buddy John would have, but spent the previous day in the ER with blood poisoning…  seriously, what is this, 1915?  Get better buddy.

I started by going to bed early on Tuesday and getting up at 2:30 for a 3am start.  I wanted to get at least 13 in before I had to be back at home on account of my wife needing to leave for work around 5.  It felt good running in the dark, it’s been a while since I’ve creeped myself out on a trail, with a headlamp, by myself.  I was able to put in over 13 before heading home and making coffee.  At this point I felt good and was stoked to get a third of the miles done.

After hanging with my daughter at the coffee shop for a while, we went over to my folks place which is near one of my favorite, local trail systems, Drummer Hill.  After visiting with my parents for a bit, I took off, up the hills for a little over 7 miles.  I was a little worried about how my legs would respond, but they were surprisingly springy and I was able to have a great time bouncing around the single tracks and fire roads before heading back to my parents place.  After that, we headed home and I took about an hour before heading back out, this time on the roads to even my overall mileage at 24.  When I got back, I showered, tried to eat something and took a little nap.  Although I was only able to pass out for about 20 minutes, it felt good to lay down.  I then started getting myself ready for the last 15 miles which I was breaking up into 2 runs.

The first, a 3 miler with my sister, who is recovering from a bitch of a knee problem and the second, the last 12, with Chris.  The first run was great.  I haven’t run with my sister in a long time and miss our conversations.  I’m definitely ready for her to get healthy and back out there this fall.  After about 20 minutes, I headed back out onto the rail trail, up about a mile to where Chris lives.  From there we continued up the rail trail for an out and back.  You should know, Chris is a hell of a trail runner and when he takes me on runs, I’m usually following him up stupid climbs and amazing single track.  I felt like a baby, but told him there’s no way that shit was going to happen today.  He had no problem with it and was great slowing to run my pace and keep my mind light with jokes and stories.  If I ever run a 50 or 100, I’ll beg this guy to pace me, he’s great.

That’s about it.  The day ended with beers and burgers at Elm City Brewing Company.  Overall, I feel good about the day.  I wish I had planned out a better eating schedule.  I wasn’t able to eat any “real” food until dinner.  My nutrition over the day consisted of bananas, Honey Stinger Waffles, Huma gels, raw almonds and Tailwind.  Although I didn’t bonk on any of my runs, I definitely need to start taking in regular chow before Ghost Train in November.

39 on my 39th.  That’s how it went down.  Next year maybe 40?  All at once?  Yup.

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